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Tumblr  –  Tumblr social networking application

One of the most popular social media publishing photos

Tumblr is a social networking name created by Tumblr. Tumblr allows users to publish their own short statuettes with new features.

Some Features:

  • Send any STATUS anywhere!
  • Photo sharing, motion pictures, movies, music, quotes, chat, links and posts
  • Add widget to home page to view posts
  • Save drafts, queue, personalize posts and …
  • View and respond to messages
  • Manage your blog entirely
  • No restrictions on uploading images

In essence, Tumblir is offered as a microblog in which users will be able to view other blogs. Each of these blogs is called “Tomblag”. Tumblr is bought by Yahoo in 2013 and is currently in the company’s monopoly.

 Tumblr- screenshot


 Tumblr- screenshot

Tumblr is the official app name for this social network that allows users to manage Tumblr account. With this program you can fully manage your account. This software allows you to send a new Status on your phone and tablet. You can share pictures, videos, music, and more with your friends so they can see these files.

You need free internet to use Tumblr.

Download Now – Size:21.7MB


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