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Armorfly Browser

Armorfly Browser – The latest version of Armorfly Browser Downloader includes:

4.4 out of 5 in Google Play – A very special Android site promotion.

Download online videos while surfing for offline storage.

Ability to scan installing APKs after downloading and before installing.

Full protection by AV-TEST online scanner.

Armorfly Browser Downloader is a great browser for Android phones by which you can surf the web in a highly secure and fashionable environment. The browser also can detect online videos on a variety of sites and download and save them for later viewing. Other interesting features of this browser can be to keep it running permanently in private mode; each time it exits, all data sent and received from the browser is cleared. This browser also has the ability to scan installing apk files after downloading and pre-installing, which can be a great help to prevent your Android phone from infecting.

  Some Features :

  • Ability to automatically detect online videos and save them
  • Ability to block pop-up ads and banner ads
  • Has the ability to personalize images, videos and personal files
  • Warning when visiting unsafe and infected sites
  • Ability to scan installing APKs after downloading and before installing
  • Super fast and lightweight to load sites
  • Has the ability to add high-end sites to favorites
  • Has the ability to translate web pages while browsing
  • Full protection by AV-TEST Antivirus
Download Now – Size:7.3MB


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