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Car Tunes Music Player Pro App

Car Tunes Music Player Pro App – It is v3.0.1

– Android Audio Player! 

Car Tunes Music Player Pro is a smart audio player for drivers powered by Diabolical Software, LLC for Android OS.It has been published. This unrivaled player helps drivers to easily control their home audio books without having to pick up the road and fines and play their favorite music. As with other existing players, this app also has a variety of functional features, each of which can meet your needs while driving. One of the most important features included in this system, the player supports voice search, which allows you to find and run music in the shortest possible time. The control panel of all music is a circle with more control features available and everything is controlled with just one touch. In addition to all the details given, you can integrate this software with Google Home Car and expand its capabilities!

Some features:

  • Very advanced audio search system
  • Gestures and quick touch options
  • Rotating control plate to perform any special instructions
  • Supports a variety of audio formats
  • Access to equalizer bands with preset stations
  • Supports various plugins to enhance player capabilities
  • Access to all music in different categories
  • Various widgets to control the program as easy as possible
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