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AUTOSET App – It is  v1.5.7.2

– Android Auto Browser Settings App (Change auto settings)

AUTOSET (Change auto settings) is an unparalleled program for auto-changing settings by the Mini Studio Studio for Android.Developed and published. The program, supported by a variety of smart device settings, addresses all the needs of users and tries to take many changes without user intervention. One of the most important users is to turn on or off the communication paths that simply set the application to be turned on for the time periods specified by you, mobile data or wifi, and after A few minutes to automatically disable the same services again. This feature, in addition to the battery, saves significantly on the Internet and lowers the amount of pressure on the smartphone’s CPUs.

Some features:

  • Ability to automatically change settings by monitoring all programs
  • Ability to start or end some settings
  • Interacting with other applications and usability while running other applications
  • Set the operating time using the device’s calendar
  • The ability to retain executive profile settings when switching on or off the device , Android ‘s
  • Support for launcher shortcuts
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