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Baby Connect App

Baby Connect App – It is v5.6

– Android Kids Monitoring App

Baby Connect (activity logger) is an unrivaled program for professional child monitoring developed by the Seacloud Software Developer Group for Android.It has been published. With the help of this program you will have access to a wide range of facilities and reports and you will be able to monitor more of your child’s activities. Meals, vaccines, illnesses, referral to a doctor, behaviors or anything else in the software, and evaluate them with access to graphic charts. One of the most important features of the Connectivity Bible is to access the app’s information at any time and place! By adding any information to the program, a copy of it is stored on the application site, which can be accessed by visiting your account at the site. The weight, height and size of your baby’s head are stored so that in addition to making sure that you are healthy, you can keep track of your growth every month or week.

Some features:

  • Save all baby activities like food, vaccine, referral to a doctor, changing diapers and …
  • Monitor child-rehabilitation medications
  • Automatically synchronize data with the program website to access information at any time
  • View graphic charts of child activities
  • Set up important reminders to perform some activities
  • Track your children’s sleep rates around the clock
  • Enter height, weight and head circumference to track baby growth
  • Upload your children’s photos in the app
  • Send reports and charts on social networks
  • Track nursing hours per day
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