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Project /Android camera 1.7.1

Project /Android camera 1.7.1 – It is v1.7.1

– Android innovative camera app 

ProjectCamera \ Android camera. The title of an innovative camera with the Android operating system.It has been released by assusdan at the Google Policeman. The suite of features used on this smart camera allows users to record high-quality images without any special features. The very simple environment of this app has made many people, without any special knowledge in the field of photography, to record images and share their happy moments with others. The camera’s set of features, which can be used on Android 5.0 and above, is the HDR mode; this makes the images look awesome and professional, and the viewer thinks a photographer will have it Has been registered. If you need shutter sound, turn off the camera and put the camera in the correct orientation with enough guidance to light enough! It’s up to you to adjust the light from the screen to the color balance, and you can change everything you want! If you’re looking for a great and different camera app for your Android device, do not miss ProjectCamera \ Android camera.

Some features:

  • There was no advertising in the program environment
  • Very simple and easy environment
  • Support for HDR on Android 5.0 and above
  • Supports Camera2 API to enhance the quality of the results
  • Ability to adjust the quality and resolution of images before recording
  • Burst mode by setting delay
  • Adjust the volume control keys for specific commands
  • Capable of recording 4K video
  • Smart timer
  • Shut off shutter sound if needed
  • Show the device orientation by degrees
  • Select folder to save images
  • Control the flash of the device
  • Select the focus mode
  • Face Detection
  • ISO Support and Exposure Compensation Modes
  • Supports external microphone
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