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Smart Screen Pro 1.04

Smart Screen Pro 1.04 – It is v1.04

– Simple app to turn off and turn on the Android screen. 

Smart Screen Pro is a simple and smart tool for turning on and off the screen automatically, released by Christopher Markov for the Android operating system . With the help of this software you will be able to easily turn off or turn on your smartphone in different situations without having to touch the power button of the device. The screen saver uses the sensor on the mobile phone to control the screen, which makes it easy to control the display with support for various gestures. In the list of this software there is a set of special settings that can be used to indicate the response time of the proximity sensor to the issued commands! Change the amount of time you want to respond to the settings, and place it in a balanced and normal state according to your needs. Unlike similar versions published in the markets Android Smart Screen Pro, unlike very low-volume, uses much of its battery and RAM resources from its rivals, which is a marker for the developer’s team and user needs. Several different presets are also included in the Smart Screen Pro, among which the screen can be turned off when the device is in the pocket or when the flip cover is turned off.

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