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SuperWall Video Live Wallpaper App

SuperWall Video Live Wallpaper App – It is v6.0.1 

SuperWall Video Live Wallpaper is a very effective app for using video as a live wallpaper Which was released by Design for $ 2.49. The smart application allows its users to select shortcuts and memorable video clips and use it as wallpaper. The created wallpapers support all the live wallpaper features so that they even turn around and turn around even when you turn the video screen. The entire process of converting video into a background image is done in a very simple way: simply adjust the size of the video to fit your page type, so you can use it as a live wallpaper in just a few seconds.

Some features:

  • Use video files as Live Wallpaper
  • Supports hijacker pages in different sizes
  • Rotate background video simultaneously with page rotation
  • Supports creating multiple live wallpaper
  • Ability to enable sound for live wallpaper created
  • Disallow wallpapers created in a chain
  • Add Color Filters to Live Wallpaper
  • Support for 4k and mvk video files
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