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Google Photos  – Manage and categorize images with Google Photos (former Picasa)

A product from Google

Google Photos is a well-known Google name for Android phones, which allows users to manage and categorize images on their mobile device. This software will provide you with the necessary tools and tools.



  • Highly searchable feature among images with the ability to search using selected tags
  • Ability to backup automatically the images by assigning 15 GB space to each user
  • Ability to backup photos and videos to the cloud service to remove them and empty space
  • Assembling and mixing pictures and videos on the phone using various tools like filters, color regulators and more.
  • Sharing images on various social networks is as simple as possible!

Google Image Manager is an application tool for everyone

It’s worth mentioning that today Google has provided the same software for every specialized work on the phone, so users can safely carry out their work under the umbrella of Google’s unique products. This is only with A simple search on the PlayStation site can be understood and a complete list of apps provided by Google in which the designer’s endeavors are being used to provide the best product to users. This time on, we have also prepared another Google product called Google Fetze .

Google Photos is considered one of the best and most powerful software for managing images inside Android phones. With this software, you can manage the images and videos of your phone’s image gallery.

This program will provide the tools you need to edit the images, and you can edit the images with your filters, effects, and other tools. The professional search functionality of the images is based on the tags assigned to them in the Google Photos application.

This app will allow you to upload images and videos directly to Google’s cloud service. You will have a space of 15 GB so the Google Photos app will automatically back up your images and videos so you can reuse them if you have any problems.

Download For all DPI’s- Size:- 37.93MB


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