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Koala Phone Launcher GOLD 1.19.4 App

Koala Phone Launcher GOLD Paid is a simple yet smart launcher powered by Tomas Slavicek for Android OS.It has been published. This program is one of the best solutions for those who can not properly manage their mobile, focusing on simple calls and messages as well as bigger managerial options. The very large keyboard included in this launcher eliminates any errors when typing your texts and clips, and makes it easy to control everything on the keyboard. In addition to the existing vibration feedback, blind people can also use Android smartphones and experience a new sense of smartphone management! If you’re looking for an interesting and different launcher for your Android, try the Koala Phone Launcher GOLD.

Some features:

  • A very simple yet smart environment
  • Focus on messages and calls
  • Proprietary keyboard with very large letters
  • Simple and easy to use to access gallery, flashlight and …
  • Get vibration feedback for blind people
  • Seven different skins for better personalization and more
  • Supports 30 different languages
  • Adjust the size of the letters to your liking
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