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Measurement tools Pro App

Measurement tools Pro App –  Protractor & Speed ​​Camera v1.0

– Android app gauge set version

Measurement tools Pro: protractor & speed camera A collection of measurement tools Different, released by MiKite for the Android operating system. This smart application, with support for its specific algorithms, as well as the use of the camera and sensors of the smartphone, turns your mobile phone into a set of special measuring instruments. Measurement tools Pro Android can be used to measure angles, and simply set the camera to its desired angle. In addition, the digital ruler included in the Measurement Tools Pro enables anyone to get and store the dimensions of various objects in the shortest time possible.

Some features:

  • Digital ruler to measure the dimensions of different objects
  • Protractor for calculating various angles and slopes of various surfaces
  • Intelligent measurement of displacement speed using a device camera
  • Measure the distance between two cities or land area using the map
  • Measure your distance to the target with the height of it
  • Storage of all measurements taken with images
  • Quick switch between two metric and Aimperial units
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