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Sound Seeder Music Player Premium v2.0.1

Sound Seeder Music Player Premium v2.0.1 – Android Sound Seeder Music Player

Full Premium Version

Sound Seeder Music Player is a powerful music player for Android that allows streaming among various devices. This way you can play music with your device and use other devices as speakers. This software has the ability to sink between different devices like Android, Windows, Linux and more.


  • The ability to stream music using various devices in the home rooms
  • Connect to your device with Wi-Fi Direct or share your music
  • Free Speaker for Android, Windows and Linux
  • Control the app and sound using the remote control for all speakers
  • Google Music Support

Sound Seeder Music Player can turn your phone into a Streaming Device, which lets you convert the adjacent devices to a speaker.You can connect the tablets, phones, and the like around you to the Sound Seeder Music Player so that you can use them as speakers and listen to higher quality sound and clarity. This application uses WiFi Direct to connect among devices, and therefore you must have a powerful WiFi connection so that you can use it.

Download Installation File-Size:12.4MB


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