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Trello App – It is for Organizing Anything v4.4.0.2919-BETA 

Trello – Organize Anything is the smart way to organize projects or anything else that Trello, Inc. has for Android OS.It has been published. With the tools in this extensive collection you will be able to organize all your daily and weekly activities and make them professionally at your appointed time. One of the smart systems in this application is to create target boards so that you can get a panel of your important activities and by adding your daily and important goals to it with an image each time. Get a spirited resume for your activities. Just touch the screen one time to invite your colleagues and friends to help you in your hardcore projects and activities so that you can get the most outcomes in the shortest time possible as a group. Customize the existing projects with different options and monitor them in a different way!

Some Features:

  • Create a leaderboard to organize everything you’re doing
  • Invite your colleagues and friends to participate in your activities
  • Customize workflow for different projects
  • Add tasks on taskbars
  • Assign certain tasks to your colleagues
  • Get comments from your friends about different items
  • Attach files via Google Drive or Dropbox
  • Reply to comments via smartwatch Android
  • Display cards in a high power calendar
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