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BlackBerry Keyboard App

BlackBerry Keyboard App – It is v3.0.0.12315 – BlackBerry Keyboard Android app.

BlackBerry Keyboard is the BlackBerry Professional Keyboard Keyboard by BlackBerry Limited for the Android operating system. With this keyboard, you’ll be able to get an extraordinary experience in writing texts and messages and easily interact with your friends as much as possible. The ergonomic BlackBerry keyboard design makes it never tired of using it and you can customize the keys to your liking. One of the most important features included in the program is the word prediction system, which allows texts to be written quickly and provides access to a variety of words in just a fraction of a second. It’s better to not forget the wide set of emoji and use them to better convey your emotions.

Key Features:
• Quick and easy creation of text with the renowned BlackBerry Keyboard, featuring auto correction, next-word prediction, a personal dictionary, and type by swiping.
• More efficiency through learning and personalization. The keyboard gets more accurate over time as it learns your style and word selection.
• Market-leading features like simultaneous input, allowing you to receive predictions and corrections in up to three languages at the same time.
• Text selection and fine cursor control make it easy to format your work properly and give it a polished and professional appearance.
• Options that put you in control of your keyboard experience, such as a customizable symbol keyboard.
• More options for enterprise customers for securing learned words and predictions.


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