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BlueFi Phone Full 3.4.1

BlueFi Phone Full 3.4.1 – It is v3.4.1

– Call app via bluetooth and wifi android

BlueFi Phone Full Ad-Free is a functional application for making and sending messages via Bluetooth powered by Ichiban Soft for Android.Developed and published. All you need to do is install the software on your Android device and call up to 12 meters each other and easily call. In addition to making calls, the message is also included in the bluff of the phone, which in many cases offers excellent performance. It’s also better to know that this app also supports WiFi and you can also call or send a message by activating Hot Spot.

Some features:

  • Create contact list for calls
  • Ability to contact a specific contact
  • Transmit encrypted information in calls and messages
  • Supports two Bluetooth and Wi-Fi systems for communication
  • Access to ping calls
  • Various settings for customizing the app
  • Receive information when making calls from different people
  • Very simple and easy to send message
Download installed file- Size 2.9MB


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