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TEKKEN ™ v0.1

It is  v0.1+ Mods

– A popular and exciting game of Android technology. Data source

In the TEKKEN game, you will have access to more than 100 characters from the Tekken series of characters, all of which will not be available from the beginning and will open over time! Each of these characters has its own original version of its own unique motion series; Tekken has three game modes called Story Mode, Dojo Challenge and Live Events; in the storyline, you can select three characters and characterize Help Casuaya Mishima and Nina Williams defeat a powerful new adversary named Revenant! The Dojo Challenge is also part of the online game, and the cool feature of this section is that you can upload your n Story Mode, you will create a team of three to help Kazuya Mishima defeat a new enemy named Revenant, a character created just for the mobile game. Bandai Namco is also going to be hosting live events with different-themed content, and you’ll even be able to challenge other players in Dojo Mode.

Download the main installation file Download the installer file-1 Download the installer file -2 Download direct link file


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