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Telegram Plus Messenger

Telegram Plus Messenger – It is  v4.2.1.1

– Plus Messenger version of the Android telephony companion 

The Telegram Plus Messenger is the unpopular version of the most popular Instant Messenger for Android devices, which has more features than the official version and has been able to attract users from all over the world! Before introducing Messenger Telegram Plus, it’s better to mention the additional information on the telegram on this page: ” Telegram – the famous Digital Messenger Messenger Telegram Focusing on two important factors, speed and security are designed to allow users to upload their favorite photos, videos, files and text at a fast pace to your friends anywhere on the planet. Send them! Yes, this Messenger is very similar to the Watte Up app, with the distinction that the features that users provide to the users are higher than Watts Up, and it is offered to all users who are looking for a free and low-end Messenger. The Plus version of Messenger Telegram will be installed next to the official version and you can enable it with your other

Some features:

  • Installed next to the official version; without disturbing the original version
  • Hide your mobile number
  • Hide chat screenshots in secret chat
  • Save better information received with the original name
  • Various and stylish themes for user selections
  • Other features that are not included in the original

The Telegram Plus Messenger app is currently rated 4.4 out of 5.0 in the PlayStation , and we’ve installed the latest and latest versions of Firefox at your fingertips, from your favorite friends and users who are running and running on all Android devices.

Download installer Telegram Plus Messenger  


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