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WhatsApp Plus 4.20

WhatsApp Plus 4.20 – It is 4.20

– WhatsApp Messenger Plus Android

The Watson Plus Messenger version, which was released under the name of WhatsApp + , and it’s better to know that this version does not have a bit or nothing to the official version but gives more users! In the Plus version of Messenger Watte Up, which is actually the original version with personalization, you will be able to easily change the colors , fonts, and their size and more! On the other hand, the size of the uploaded media file, which is a 16-megabyte version of the Stoke Edition, is enhanced in this version and you can upload large files!

Some features:

* Send your photos for the highest quality possible contacts (Plus version)

* Having a proprietary powerful download and a stylish and different theme (Plus version)

* Send your music with just one click and one touch (Plus version)

* Ability to chat with friends and contacts in bulk and multiplayer

* No need to register on a specific website or password and username

* Permanent availability and 24 hours of users for each other!

Download Now – Size:17.7MB


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