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Holy TD: Epic Tower Defense v1.38

It is v1.38+ Mod

– Tower Defense Game Android Definition + Trailer

Defeat hordes of imps in the very first Tower Defence game about the order of monks!
All this to defend humankind from hordes of demons!

Greetings, the Great Architect! We’ve got a little problem here… Army of demons breaking through the portals into our world! It seems that to board up those filthy spacetime holes was not enough. But that’s ok, ‘cause we’ve got you! Just let me finish that… hic… brew mash and we’ll show em!  you will experience an interesting strategy in the castle defense style with beautiful cartoon graphics where you protect a monastery against the attack of evil spirits! The medieval era, and evil spirits and demons have joined together to cross the defensive barrier at any cost and enter the monastery! But you should not let this happen; by defending the best tactics, defend your monastery with all its strength and become glorious for yourself! You have a wide range of defensive characters and turrets that you can put them on the path of enemies and overthrow them one by one and do not let your holy convent harm you!Tower defense games are no Holy TD: Epic Tower Defense miss!

 Holy TD: Epic Tower Defense- screenshot

But the devil is in the detail… Stop! Stop shooting the details, it’s just an idiom!
★ Nice humor, colorful graphics and original theme!
★ A lot of different towers. How do you like the tower, that calls a pocket army on the battlefield instead of attack?
★ Dozens of achievements, different tower upgrades, lots of loot, cool heroes and spells!
★ A variety of realms will become a delight for your eyes. Fight in the mountains, the city and near the bardel. What? Ladies of the night also need a defender!
★ Choose complexity: the usual uncomplicated mode or the “Hardcore” mode with 1 life and hordes of enemies. That can be a real test!
★ Funny thurible massacre td battles that will hook you for hours!
★ Fight imps, warlocks, hell ponys, fatass demons and skeleton hordes!
★ An in-game encyclopedia with a detailed description of all towers and creeps will be updated as the game progresses and will always provide you with the most accurate information.

The overall features of the Holy TD: Epic Tower Defense are also available for free, including two common and difficult to do modes; a very nice three-dimensional graphics in a cartoon style and fun environment; the ability to use the heroes to defend Your monastery and their promotion; the possibility of adopting all kinds of defensive tactics; the possibility of using various types of defensive turrets to defend the monastery; continuous updating with the addition of new features and in general its excellent construction! To download, join us!

Download original file with direct link Direct download Download the trailer(video gameplay)



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