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Tiny Miners – Idle Clicker v2.3.1

It is v2.3.1 + Mod

– A cool strategy game and cool Android.

Tiny Miners – Idle Clicker – The minivan is a popular and entertaining strategy game from the Mindstorm Studios studio for Android.Want to be a MONEY TYCOON .Can you TAP FAST enough? RESEARCH – TAP – DIG DEEP – RESEARCH – CLONE and tap away – even when you’re not playing!

Tiny Miners - Idle Clicker

  Tiny Miners - Emerald Seeker- screenshot

Some Features:
-SUPER DOPE GAMEPLAY Just keep tapping the screen. The perfect idle clicker tycoon game, without every feeling bored! Find all the emerald and coal the mines have to offer!
-TAP, RESEARCH & UPGRADE Upgrade your miners, make money, do researches and feel rich! Tap! Tap! Tapped!
-CLICK & CASH Casual & addictive gameplay for aspiring capitalist who love to click & make Money. Boot the competition in this episode of miner tycoons!
-ADD SWAG TO YOUR COUNTRY’s ECONOMY Not everything is about Profit! Can your miners reshape the economy of your country? Take prestige in raiding other economies and be the ultimate miner tycoon.
-UNIQUE VISUALS Feed sesame seeds to your Dragon and watch it fly all over town, silly dragons to hunt and carrier storks to steal from with amazing 3D visuals and captivating scenery.
– BE A BONUS BUFF Lots of bonuses with every prestige, will keep you coming back for more, fulfil your consumers’ appetite for emerald and coal and dig deep to be the biggest Capitalist of this era.
– QUIRKY ECONOMY Take full advantage of this enigmatic economy by clicking on your quirky tiny miners to make more and more money
-PRESTIGE Use your swag to sell your minerals for more money by gaining more prestige in this quirky clicker game.

Compete with your friends and see who can be the richest! ? The general features of the game include things like simple, yet entertaining and addictive gameplay; the possibility of building a city, giving food to the dragons, improving the city and making more money; the possibility of investing in building up your buildings; Possibility to keep a herd of goats in your stables and to place a guard dog to protect them or even nurture an eagle for hunting; a very beautiful 3D cartoon style; the ability to challenge friends; exciting sound and generally good construction; Did you You are able to first take pictures of the environment SeeSee the game and finally, if you would like to download it one click from the high-speed servers of the site.

Download the main installation file Direct download


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