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Free Document Scanner

Free Document Scanner – We introduce you the newest in document scanner, a simple, practical and very easy to use tool that will allow you to scan documents with your mobile phone. It has an elegant interface and a video tutorial that will help you to scan quickly and efficiently. With this application you can scan document, save it to your mobile and send it to your friends.
  Free Document Scanner- screenshot
  Free Document Scanner- screenshot
Document Scanner Features:

– Create your document in pdf format easily and quickly, with document scanner you can scan what you want without having to be an expert, just take a photo of your document, select the margins with your finger, press the ” crop “and then” save “. That way you have already digitized your document in your mobile.

-While digitizing the document, you can share the pdf file by mail, whatsapp, bluetooth or whatever you choose, you can also print directly (only some mobiles) or store them in the cloud.

-With this portable scanner you can take one or several photos and convert them into a single pdf, configure the camera of your mobile for optimal scanning.

-Scan any type of bar codes and forget about wasting time thanks to document scanner, you can also store them inside the application and erase them whenever you want.

-Scan QR code, once scanned you can save the url and go directly to the link when you want.


* With this scanner application you have it all in one place and totally free.

* Now you can enjoy document scanner in the language that best suits you with the multilanguage system recently added

* New video tutorial to learn how to use document scanner with the clearest and simplest mobile where an example is shown to digitize and send in pdf format.

Share document scanner with your colleagues, it will not take much time and simplify your day to day! Scanning documents with your mobile phone has never been so easy.

Your opinion is important and helps us to keep improving, I invite you to try this document scanner and leave us your comments.

“Download this great scanner application and you will not regret it”

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