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Golden Clock Fingerprint Lock Screen

Golden Clock Fingerprint Lock Screen – 🔒Fingerprint Screen Lock app is an application which works as a protector for mobile phone. This mobile phone lock app is not only a private guard. It provides screen and app lock security for an-droid, and various useful widgets and interesting themes for decorating your lock screen while pro-tecting privacy and ensuring security.

We also offer other latest screen lockers, like full screen locker, main screen pattern lock, pattern lock for apps and so on. You can lock and unlock your phone or apps by using your fingerprint, pat-tern or password. And the mobile phone lock app keeps your Android phone security and make the lock screen beautiful. This high quality app lock can also customize your phone lock screen with different wallpapers of lock screen, and shows you live weather news at a glance. Use the protec-tion to lock your apps and folders with fingerprint, pattern or password.

It’s a simple and useful phone lock app for Androids. By using this fingerprint screen lock you can protect your phone and the data inside your phone.

This app uses the Device Administrator permission.


đź”’ Safety screen lock guardian

This lock screen app is an awesome tool and you can easily lock and unlock your phone with your fingerprint. If you enter our lock store, lots of password themes for lock screen are provided, and they support different lock screen pattern to lock and unlock your phone, like using your finger-print, patterns or passwords, to prevent your phone from being exposed by others. The way you lock and unlock the phone by one touch without using power button is also available.

đź”’ Distinctive fingerprint lock screen themes for android mobile

We provide different wallpapers for you, like IOS lock screen, android lock screen lollipop, finger-print lock screen, slide-to-unlock themes and so on to make your lock screen more beautiful. Lots of screen themes are supported, you can swipe screen lock to change the theme.

đź”’ Beautiful design and graphics with wallpaper

Variety lock themes are supplied for Android free, like fidget spinner, which is a nice app locker, with colorful light when you put your finger on it, and the lock screen is rich-content with date, time, location and weather forecast on it.

đź”’A Fingerprint Screen Lock for both girls and boys

Whether you are a boy or a girl, you can find your favorite free app lock in our lock screen theme store. Everyone can set your own fingerprint menu in your android phone through using the screen lock.

đź”’High quality lock apps for free

Lots of functions are provided by this lock app, like fingerprint menu, wallpaper lock screen pat-tern, password themes for lock screen, and so on. You have lots of options to set your screen and app lock, fingerprint menu, the screen lock password, the multi password lock screen pattern and so on. You can lock Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery apps with fingerprints or password to prevent the apps from being exposed by others.
 Golden Clock Fingerprint Lock Screen- screenshot thumbnail   Golden Clock Fingerprint Lock Screen- screenshot thumbnail
As mentioned above, our mobile security screen lock keeps your mobile phone safety, and lots pat-tern lock for apps can be downloaded in your Android phone.


â–˛Intruder Selfie

A lock screen that if you get the passcode wrong, it will take a picture of their face

â–˛Anti-theft protection

â–˛PIN and Pattern Lock

â–˛Music Player support for lock screen (music control)

â–˛Lock screen flashlight

â–˛Easy Notification

Cut down on the number of times you need to unlock your phone with notifications at a glance.

â–˛Camera shortcut

Snap photos handy, never miss that perfect moment!

â–˛App Lock Security

One-tap to lock apps, very easy and convenient to use. Prevent your SMS, Contacts, Gallery, or any other apps from checking by others without your permit. Give your phone All-round protection. It will be the best App Locker and security guard.

â–  Contact Feel free to contact us if you have any problems or suggestions:


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