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Crime Stealth:Mafia Assassin

Crime Stealth:Mafia Assassin – MiamiCrime-Mafia Assassin 3D Open World game
Control NewYork Hitman defending its territory from humans. Sneak up on enemy Gangster and kill them wit your strong hits. In this Android game you have to control a Hitman , who is infuriated by the fact that there humans entered his territory. Penetrate the military camp, City, and other places where Mafia settled to destroy them all. Be careful, the Mafia are well-armed. So you need to use a variety of shelters, guide your hero along rooftops, etc. Attack enemies from behind.
  Crime Stealth:Mafia Assassin- screenshot
  Crime Stealth:Mafia Assassin- screenshot
◆ Amazing levels
◆ Climbing and fighting skills
◆ Enjoy free roaming in the area
◆ Realistic graphics with real physics for best experience
◆ Amazing background sound


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