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EpicQuest offline rpg games 3d

EpicQuest offline rpg games 3d – You are a treasure hunter searching for four magical gems inside an abandoned graveyard. In the center of the map you will find four pedestals. Each of the missing gems match one of the pedestals shape and color. Return each of the four gems to the matching pedestal to complete your quest. Every time you return all four gems to the pedestals, the round will end and your score will raise by 1 point.
  EpicQuest offline rpg games 3d- screenshot
  EpicQuest offline rpg games 3d- screenshot
When a new round begins, the gems will be hidden again in different locations across the graveyard and your mission will become more dangerous! More monsters will begin at attack you, and it is your job to survive! If a monster is able to hit you… it will be Game Over! The more rounds you complete, the higher your score goes. Compare your score to all other players around the world on the high score leaderboard. There are also several achievements to unlock… so see if you can find them all!

Now, it is time to begin your quest while avoiding as many angry skeletons, minotaurs, and wolves as possible. Now find the magic gems and jewels in… Epic Quest 3D!

Note: Epic Quest is designed with tablet sized devices in mind. The game does run well on smaller devices, but we advise you to use different camera angles, and the auto run button to make travel easier. These options are always available while playing the game by using simple single click / one touch controls in the corner of the screen.

Epic Quest 3D allows to you play completely offline. Many rpg games force you to be online – but Epic Quest is one of the few 3D RPG games that allow you to play completely offline!


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