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SpecialSoldier – Best FPS

SpecialSoldier – Best FPS  – Modern shooting game fans, Welcome to Top Sniper Assassin Warrior HD. The city is facing certain security threats from some terrorists. Intelligence operation is being operated across the desert to find out terrorist and their facilitators. Commando department deadly attack on a doubtable building in the grand city. Where devils are hiding and planning their next explosive or dangerous attacks. You are a trained Special Forces agent; your job is to eliminate the enemies with a counter smart 3d strike right now. A highly trained commando will accompany you during the anti terrorist great operation. The game is about counter best terrorist missions, sharp strike on enemies to destroy guerilla and kill all bomber through front line top attack with rapid machine guns, hand grenades and other modern weapons.
In this commando contract battle attack you have assigned adventurous shooting military missions with increasing difficulty levels. You have just been dropped in an enemy area with a large force for a secret mission. Gather up your weapons, bombs and bullets for this battle. Become a last commando top sniper sharp shooter. Stunning game graphics and smooth game play will take you to real life battlefield zone. If you’ve quick excellent aiming and shooting skills then find your way out of enemy’s hiding place. You are equipped with advanced weapons as like assault best rifles, machine military guns and sniper guns. Use these guns to become an assassin top shooter. You will welcome enemy rangers and your mission is to kill all of them.
City is under deadly attack and you have to protect your town area by killing all the hostile soldiers and become a city war bravo. You are required to focus on enemies which are indicate by arrow and don’t let them loss from the scene. In this army mission you can face dangerous thrill in the jungle environment. Fight with your country enemies with amazing and exciting military animations. Take your favorite sniper rifle and kill all of them. Enemy has attacked on your country so be alert, hold your breath, aim and fire with unique weapons and ammunition. In this elite secret 3d thrilling mission kill all terrorists and clear your town with many problems.
After completing the first thrilling level you will permute to the next further crazier mission level. After completing the level you collect coins and cash as rewards. From these rewards you could buy new rifle and bullets. In Sniper strike assassin War game in app is also included for user interest, you could purchase the latest gun and many more. The environment of this game is most realistic and thrilling.
  FPS commando shooter war 3d- screenshot
  FPS commando shooter war 3d- screenshot
-Wide gun to shoot and kill enemies
– Excellent city environment to fight
– Different war missions
– First person shooter
-Different ammunitions
Its totally free to play.
So get it now from Google play store for your android devices.
Quickly download this interesting HD game.


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